SCAM ALERT – Local COVID vaccine scam calls

Feb. 20, 2021

If you get a phone call from someone offering to make a COVID vaccine appointment for you: Please think twice before you share any personal information.

Local scammers, posing as health officials, are calling residents and offering to sign them up for vaccine appointments. These scammers are also asking for personal information – like social security numbers or credit card details.

Do not provide this information over the phone!

All that being said – If you got your first vaccine with us at the Camano Center, we will reach out to you to schedule your second appointment. This contact will likely come via email, if you provided it at the time you scheduled your first appointment.

We will *not* ask you for personal information (like social security number or credit card information). We will identify ourselves as representing the Camano Fire vaccination clinic, and we will provide you specific details for how to make your second-dose appointment.