Service Division

Unlike many fire districts, Camano Island Fire and Rescue is fortunate to have its own maintenance shop with some of the most highly qualified emergency vehicle technicians in the state.We’re a regional resources, providing service to other districts like Silvana, Arlington Rural, Darrington and Cedardale, for apparatus repair and maintenance. 

Our 35 different types of apparatus, including boats and equipment at five stations, are the maintenance shop’s first priority. An emphasis on regular, routine maintenance helps keep our rigs on the road longer, with minimal down time. Not only does this in-house maintenance save us money, it helps save other districts money, too.

Maintaining emergency vehicles is a specialized skill that requires a significant amount of initial and ongoing training, testing, and certification. Our mechanics are certified above the automotive industry standard of ASE, and hold a total of 26 certifications. The mechanics are on call 24 hours a day, responding when rigs get caught up in muddy rural driveways, or are in need of immediate repair.