Our force of career firefighters and medics is a highly efficient crew, undergoing constant training. All of our crews are trained in water rescue and boat operation. Special rescue techniques, such as rope rescue (the foundation of all technical rescue operations) are extensively used. Our team includes Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and firefighting and administrative professionals.

Career firefighters and paramedics

No, we are not currently hiring for career firefighters or paramedics.

Testing services for full-time firefighters & paramedics are conducted through the National Testing Network.

To apply:
1. Click on Find Jobs

2. Select position type and Washington state to see open positions with Camano Fire.

3. Complete FireTEAM test, CPAT, and candidate PHQ

4. Download & complete the CIFR Job Application. Send your completed application to the name and address on the National Testing Network page. Include a copy of your driver’s license, along with one other form of identification such as a passport, birth certificate or social security card. Must be age 18 or older to apply.

Firefighters in bunker gear and yellow helmets enter a rust red shipping container. Smoke billows from the rear of the container. It is a training prop.

Part-time firefighters

YES: We are currently hiring for part-time firefighters

Our part-time firefighters augment our 24/7 staffing. Many are beginning their career in the fire service and gain invaluable experience as part-time staff. Most of the functions that our firefighters complete are also served by part-time firefighters. Minimum qualifications for part-time firefighters are Firefighter 1, Washington State EMT license, Washington State Driver’s License and current CPAT certificate. Must be age 18 or older to apply.

To apply:
Download and complete the CIFR Job Application.
Turn in the application, a resume, and all applicable certificates to:
Camano Island Fire & Rescue
811 N Sunrise Blvd
Camano Island, WA  98282

Questions? Contact Finance Manager Linda Layton at or 360-387-1512.

firefighters in bunker gear stand in the door of a container with flames in the background