Water and Boater Safety

a white fire department boat on the water, with mountains in the background

Water safety is extremely important when you live and recreate on an island. On average, we have more water rescues each year than cardiac arrests. During crabbing and shrimp season, the number of boaters increases dramatically on the island. It’s important to make safety a priority before you get out on the water. 

What should you have on board your boat? At minimum:

  • A life jacket for EVERYONE on board
  • A sounding device (like a horn or whistle)
  • A white navigation light
  • A nighttime visual distress signal (like a flare)

Safety videos

Life Jacket Fitting


Boating Safety – Part 1


Boating Safety – Part 2


Boating Safety – Part 3






Do you have your Washington State Boater Safety Education Card? You may need one before you operate your vessel. 

Download a boater safety checklist  and make sure you know state boating laws before you hit the water.