Who Do I Talk to About…?

Submitting a records request?

You can submit a request for records online using our NextRequest portal: https://camanofire.nextrequest.com/

When should I call 911?

If you or someone else needs help and you’re not sure how serious it is, you should always call 911.

The 911 dispatch center triages calls, and sends help to the most critical calls first. If you call 911, you won’t prevent someone else from getting help with an emergency.

Calling the Camano Fire office could delay help getting to you. Only 911 can dispatch firefighters and paramedics to your location. If you call our administrative office, we still have to call 911 to have a fire engine or ambulance respond to you.

CPR or First Aid classes?

We offer a 3-hour CPR and AED training class on the second Wednesday of every month at the Madrona/Vista Station – 273 North West Camano Drive. The class costs $25 per person and is limited to 10 students. 

The American Red Cross also offers first aid and CPR classes. Click to look for classes near you.

Fire extinguishers?

We have two YouTube videos that explain what kind of extinguisher you need, where you should put your extinguishers, and what to do if your extinguisher needs to be replaced or recharged. Find our fire extinguisher videos on YouTube: What you need to know about fire extinguishers | Replace or recharge extinguishers

Ambulance transport & costs 

Ambulance transport costs range from $888 to $1,586, not including mileage. Visit our Resources and Public Education page for a cost breakdown and how to contact our third-party billing provider. 

Burn bans?

The Island County Public Health website has information about the current burn ban status in Island County. 

Smoke or Carbon Monoxide alarms?

If you need help replacing the batteries in your smoke alarm, call our Administration office at 360-387-1512 or send us an email on our Contact Us page.

If you can’t afford to install a new smoke alarm or are unable to, the Red Cross offers free smoke detectors and installation on a limited basis. Find out if you qualify at https://getasmokealarm.org/ or by calling toll-free 1-833-918-1531.

Illegal burning?

Island County Public Health issues burn permits to county residents, so long as a burn ban is not currently in effect. Visit the Island County website for information about specific types of burn permits, and a map of current active permits.

If you’re worried about the safety of an outdoor burn, please call 911.

A blue address sign for my house?

We can make a personalized address sign for $20. Horizontal and vertical signs are available – post not included. Find out how to order by visiting our Resources and Education page

A health question?

Our Community Paramedic can help with telemedicine appointments, basic healthcare needs, access to essentials like food and clothing, and more. Please call 360-387-1512 or email crp@camanofire.com 

Donations to CIFR

Please call our administrative office at 360-387-1512 to learn more about what kind of donations we are able to accept. You may also email info@camanofire.com

Volunteering with CIFR

We accept volunteers to assist with community events or serve on the Community Advisory Committee. Call or email us to learn more about current volunteer opportunities: 360-387-1512 or info@camanofire.com