Community Paramedic

a man in blue shirt sits in the driver's seat of a white SUV with red stripe down the side and camano fire logo on the doorIn its most basic form, Community Paramedicine (CP) provides a simpler way for residents who may rely on emergency medical or in-patient healthcare to find appropriate medical services. Our Community Paramedic can help with telemedicine appointments, basic healthcare, and find ways to link local residents with local healthcare resources. 

Our current Community Paramedic, Dean Speerbrecher, has been a paramedic for the past 30 years. Though community paramedicine is still relatively new, to Dean, it’s really just an extension of paramedicine. “I’m putting everything I’ve learned to use, but in a different way,” he said. “It’s just another way I can proactively serve the community.”

For years, fire departments around the country have run fire prevention programs to teach communities about simple ways to reduce their fire risk. Community paramedicine operates on the same principles – educating residents and community members about simple steps they can take to reduce their need to call 911 for nonemergency medical assistance. 

Camano Island Fire and Rescue launched its Community Paramedic program in 2015.

Contact Dean: 360-387-1512 or