COVID-19 Vaccines

We are giving the Johnson & Johnson AND the Pfizer vaccines
at our pop-up clinic at Terry’s Corner/Camano Commons


Saturday, May 15: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Pop-up clinic is located at Terry’s Corner, in the Camano Commons marketplace complex. For more information, call 360-454-4165.


May 15: Click here to complete your online registration and make an appointment.

NOTE: Appointments are first-come, first-served. If there are no appointments available, it means our schedule is full for the coming week. Click here for additional vaccination locations.

More information

Island County Public Health COVID Information line: 360-678-5111 ext. 6000 This is a recorded informational line only. To speak with someone directly, call 360-678-2301 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

Camano Island Fire & Rescue is partnering with the Camano Center and Island County to run a COVID vaccination clinic at the Camano Center. The clinic opens weekly if and when we receive a vaccine shipment from the state.

Who can get vaccinated?
Anyone age 12 and older can be vaccinated. HOWEVER, please note:

The Pfizer vaccine can be given to anyone 12 years old or older. Patients age 16 and younger must have a parent or guardian present to get vaccinated.

You must be 18 years old or older to receive the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

I forgot my vaccine card. Can you give me a replacement?
No. If you forgot to bring your vaccine card to your appointment, you can print a copy of your immunization record. Go to the State Department of Health website and follow the instructions to sign up for My IR. This will allow you to download and print your immunization records.

Can I get on your wait list if you have extra doses or if you have cancelations?
YES. You can add yourself to the wait list each day, since the list doesn’t roll over into the next day. Click the public appointment sign-up link and add your info. On the last step, scroll to the bottom of the available times and select the “add me to the wait list” option. If we have any leftover doses, our clinicians will reach out to those on the wait list.

This wait list is not guaranteed; it will open only if we have cancelations or no-shows. If you get an email, you will only have 20 minutes to schedule an appointment before we move to the next person on the wait list.

Do I need insurance to get the vaccine? Will you charge my insurance?
No. You do not need insurance. By law, we are required to collect information about your insurance. However, we are not and will not charge your insurance. You may see an alert during registration that your insurance will be charged; this is a default setting that can’t be changed. We will not charge your insurance.

I got my first dose at the Camano Fire clinic. How do I get my second dose?
If you received your first dose at the Camano Fire clinic, we will contact you directly to coordinate your second dose. If you haven’t received an email, and it’s been more than 10 days since your first dose, please email

We will *not* ask for personal information, like social security number or credit card details. If someone asks for this information, it may be a scam.

When will you contact me about my second dose?
We will contact you approximately 10 days to two weeks after you get your first dose to schedule you for your second dose. If you haven’t received an email, and it’s been more than 10 days since your first dose, please email

Can I get my second dose at the Camano clinic if I got my first dose somewhere else?
NO. This is a change from our earlier plans. The state is trying to track first and second doses together, so like many clinics, we are are offering the first and second dose at the same location. It makes tracking easier..

I was told that because I got my first vaccine at the Camano clinic, I MUST get my second dose there, too. Why can’t I get my second dose at another location?
The state is trying to track first and second doses together, so many clinics prefer to offer the first and second dose at the same location. It makes tracking easier. Additionally, many clinics may not have “extra” doses to give.

What vaccine are you using?
We’re primarily using the Pfizer vaccine. Our first two-day clinic in February used the Moderna vaccine.

PLEASE NOTE: You can’t mix-and-match vaccines: Your first and second doses must be Pfizer-Pfizer or Moderna-Moderna.

Can I get a second dose of Pfizer if my first dose was Moderna?
No. You can’t mix-and-match vaccines: Your first and second doses must be Pfizer-Pfizer or Moderna-Moderna. If your first dose was Pfizer, you cannot get a second dose of Moderna. If your first dose was Moderna, you cannot get a second dose of Pfizer.

When is the clinic opening?
We will open the clinic weekly, whenever we receive a vaccine shipment from the state.

Where is the clinic located?
We are pleased to partner with the Camano Center as the location for our clinic. The Camano Center is located at 606 Arrowhead Road.

What are the clinic hours?
Clinic hours are dependent on vaccine availability, and will be posted online.

Each week, we’ll place a vaccine order. The state will notify us on Friday about how many vaccine doses we will actually get. The actual vaccine shipment will arrive each Tuesday.

Once we receive our vaccine shipment, we’ll announce the clinic schedule for the following week (5 to 7-day period); the schedule will be based on the number of vaccine doses we will have.

We understand that’s short notice, but scheduling this way helps ensure that everyone who makes an appointment gets a vaccination.

We will adjust our schedule as needed to meet the needs of the community, too. That means we may be open later in the evening and on weekends.

Why can’t you have set clinic hours?
Right now, vaccine demand is outpacing supply. We respect your time and want to make sure that if you make an appointment, you get the vaccine. That’s why we set clinic hours based on the amount of vaccine we receive each week.

If and when the vaccine becomes more readily available, we will consider a more consistent schedule.


How do I make an appointment?
You can make an appointment online, using the scheduling link above. If you do not have internet access, please call our hotline at 360-454-4165.

Can I make an appointment by phone?
No. If you or someone you know is unable to schedule online, please contact us at 360-454-4165. The best way to make an appointment is via the online scheduling link. If you do not see any available appointments, it means the clinic is full for this week.

How do I know if my appointment is confirmed?
You will receive a confirmation email if your appointment is confirmed. If you did NOT receive an email, or if you think you typed your email incorrectly, please email us at to verify your appointment.

What information do I need?
In order to register, you’ll need to know:

  • If you’re getting your first or second dose
    • If you’re getting your second dose, you need to know what your first dose was – either Pfizer or Moderna. You can’t mix-and-match vaccines: You must get Pfizer-Pfizer or Moderna-Moderna.
  • The date and time you want to get your vaccine
  • Your contact information (name, email phone number)
  • Your emergency contact
  • Your immunization card (only if this is your second dose)

How long is my vaccination appointment going to take?
Your total appointment will take 20 to 30 minutes. You’ll need to complete some intake paperwork, get the vaccine, then wait 15 minutes to ensure you don’t have an immediate reaction to the vaccine.

Note: Some categories of people may need to wait for 30 minutes after their shot – for example, anyone with a history of an immediate allergic reaction of any severity to a vaccine or injectable therapy, and persons with a history of anaphylaxis.

What if I am ill or have been around others who are ill?
If you have symptoms of COVID, or have been in contact with someone with probable or confirmed COVID-19, you cannot get your vaccination until your quarantine or isolation period is over.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?
Please bring a piece of photo ID. If this is your second dose, please bring your immunization card.

What should I wear?
Please wear appropriate clothing so you can easily expose your upper arm. Please remove sweaters and jackets before entering the vaccination room.

What happens during the appointment?
When you arrive at the Camano Center, you’ll be checked for symptoms or close contacts, and will verify your name and appointment time at an outside tent.

Next, you’ll enter the building. Only two people at a time are allowed in front of the registration table.
At registration, you’ll have your temperature taken, and be asked to sanitize your hands and put on a disposable surgical mask.

Registration volunteers will ask you to complete some intake paperwork and sign a form indicating that you understand you are receiving a COVID vaccine.

Once a nurse is free, you’ll walk to another room, where you’ll be asked a series of questions, then given your vaccine. Please remove sweaters and jackets before entering the vaccination room.

Finally, you’ll be directed to a waiting room, where you’ll wait 15 minutes (or 30, if you have a history of allergic reactions) to ensure you don’t have a reaction to the vaccine. During this time, a volunteer will schedule you for your second dose (if you’re receiving your first dose of the vaccine.)

Can I arrive early?
Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time, not early. We’ve set the appointment times intentionally, to ensure that we maintain appropriate physical distance, and can efficiently get you through the process without delay.

If I make an appointment, am I guaranteed to get a vaccine?
That is our goal – and the reason why we wait to set appointments until we know how much vaccine we’ve received. However, we may have to cancel appointments if we don’t have enough clinicians or vaccines.

What happens if I have to cancel my appointment or can’t make it?
You will have to reschedule for another appointment. Appointments are first-come, first served.

Do I have to make an appointment?
Yes. We are only providing vaccines to those who have scheduled appointments. We are not accepting walk-ins.

How do I get my second dose of the vaccine?
When you receive your first dose, we’ll provide you paperwork that includes a date range for when you should receive your second dose. If you received your first dose at the Camano Fire clinic, we will contact you directly to coordinate your second dose. You will receive an email (or phone call, if you could not schedule online) to set up your appointment


I just got a non-COVID vaccine a few days ago. Can I still get the COVID vaccine?
Wait at least 14 days before getting any other vaccine, including a flu or shingles vaccine, if you get your COVID-19 vaccine first. And if you get another vaccine first, wait at least 14 days before getting your COVID-19 vaccine. Learn more on the CDC website.

If I have an underlying health condition, can I still get the COVID vaccine?
Please check with your doctor before making an appointment to get the COVID vaccine. People with underlying medical conditions can receive the FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines provided they have not had an immediate or severe allergic reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine or to any of the ingredients in the vaccine. Learn more on the CDC website.

I already had COVID-19. Can I still get the vaccine?
Yes. Due to the severe health risks associated with COVID-19 and the fact that reinfection with COVID-19 is possible, you should be vaccinated regardless of whether you already had COVID-19 infection. Learn more on the CDC website.

How many vaccines can you give out each day?
It depends on the number of clinicians we have on site each day, and the number of vaccines we receive. A clinician can give out an average of 50 vaccines per day. But if we only receive 100 vaccines, that’s all we’ll be able to provide.

Can I get a vaccine on Camano if I don’t live here?
The goal of having a Camano-based vaccine site is to help our community, especially our vulnerable populations who can’t travel outside the area.

If you can get your vaccine elsewhere, and aren’t dependent on getting it on Camano, we encourage you to get the vaccine where it’s convenient.

Can I get other, non-COVID vaccines while I am at the clinic?
No. This clinic is provided by Camano Island Fire & Rescue for the purpose of distributing the COVID vaccine only. Other vaccines are not available at this clinic.

I can’t drive or am unable to get to the clinic. How do I get a vaccine?
Please call 360-454-4165. We will work with our community paramedic or other mobile resources to bring the vaccine to you. This may take a few days, depending on vaccine and staffing availability.

I don’t have a car. Can I get there by Island Transit?
Yes. Please visit Island Transit’s Camano Island route page for more information about the routes that serve the Camano Center. Please ensure that you leave time for travel so that you can make it to your appointment on time. Island Transit Paratransit customers can also request service to the Camano Center.

I have mobility issues. Is the clinic fully accessible for wheelchairs and other mobility aids?
Yes, the Camano Center is accessible for those with mobility issues. Please contact our hotline if you require special assistance.

What kind of volunteers do you need at the clinic?
We need clinical and nonclinical volunteers. Clinical volunteers will have past medical experience, or are currently a practicing nurse or doctor, and can give vaccinations. Nonclinical volunteers will fill roles like greeters or monitors, or assist with paperwork, intake, scheduling or staffing phone lines.

I want to volunteer at the clinic. How can I sign up?
Please email Pat Waters, the Island County Emergency Management Volunteer Coordinator, at Let him know you’re interested in volunteering for the Camano Island vaccination clinic.

If you are interested in being a clinical volunteer, we ask that you also contact the Island County Medical Reserve Corps.

Why did it take so long to open the clinic? Other counties had clinics open in January.
First, we had to get approval from the state to receive the COVID vaccine. That process started in November 2020, and we just received approval Jan. 19.

We also didn’t have any COVID vaccine to give. The first day we could order vaccine was Jan. 25. Each week, we can order vaccine from the state, but we have to wait to see how much we get. Finally, we rely on volunteers to help run the site, and we had to make sure we had enough lined up and trained. All of that took time.