Mabana Flames donate gas detector to Camano Fire crews

A firefighter in blue uniform stands in front of a white door to a fire station holding a gas detector

More than 50,000 people wind up in the emergency room each year due to Carbon Monoxide exposure. On Camano, the Mabana Flames are doing their part to help lower that number.

In early June, the Flames donated a new four-gas detector to Camano Island Fire & Rescue. CIFR crews use the device to detect the presence of flammable gases, and measure carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen levels.

“This is a critical tool for us when we’re called to investigate propane or natural gas leaks, or when we receive calls that a carbon monoxide detector is going off in someone’s home,” said Chief Levon Yengoyan. “This donation will keep not only our community safe, but our firefighters as well.”

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly if it builds up or if people are exposed to it for long periods of time. Each year, more than 430 people across the US die from CO exposure.

“Lead volunteer firefighter Dennis Wischmeier approached the Mabana Flames with a request to purchase a gas detection system that would permanently be housed at Station #5″ said Flames’ President Nancy McGough. “We knew how important this system would be for the safety of our volunteers so we voted in favor of the purchase. When we can safely meet again, we’re looking forward to a demonstration of how it works. We enjoy learning what the fire crews are doing and how they’re using our donations.”

The Mabana Flames have a long history of supporting CIFR and its firefighters. The Ladies Fire Auxiliary started on March 29, 1973 with the aim of obtaining funds for additional items needed by firefighters of Mabana Station and District 6, and aiding families affected by natural disasters. Since 1973, the Flames have donated land, volunteer time, and funds for fire apparatus and other items needed by volunteer firefighters on the south end of the island.

“The Flames are the true definition of partnering with our community for safety and service,” Yengoyan said. “We so appreciate their ongoing support, and the way they carry on the proud history of the organization.”