Camano Fire crews thanked for life-saving response

The widowmaker.

That’s what doctors call the heart attack that Jon survived.

Jon and his wife Dianne visited Station 4 today to thank the 911 dispatcher and Camano Fire EMTs and Paramedics who saved his life.

“The cardiologist says you saved the day,” Jon said. “It was textbook perfect.”

When he called 911 on April 23, one of Jon’s arteries was 100% blocked.

Jon had no symptoms other than “the elephant on my chest” His father passed away from a heart attack at 58, so when he started feeling uncomfortable, he didn’t wait to call 911.

ICOM 911 dispatcher Sarah took his call. A trained EMT herself for North Whidbey Fire, Sarah kept Jon talking as she relayed his symptoms to Camano Fire crews.

Then Jon stopped talking and went unresponsive.

“You said, ‘I think I’m going to black out,’ and then nothing,” Sarah said.

Camano Fire paramedics performed what the hospital called “excellent CPR” and shocked Jon four times to get his heart back in rhythm.

Before discharge, the hospital took an EKG and found something remarkable: Virtually no muscle damage to the heart.

Doctors were shocked to find his heart muscle in such good condition after a “widowmaker” heart attack. Jon said he has full heart function – though he’s still adjusting to his new heart medications.

Jon also thanked his neighbor Linda, a secretary for Camano Fire, who was on scene that afternoon and who helped take care of his wife while he was in the hospital.

“We have a pretty special neighbor relationship,” he said.

Remarkably, this is the second time Camano Fire has saved a life in Jon’s family.

In May of 2011, EMTs and Paramedics responded after his wife Dianne suffered a brain aneurysm.

“I don’t know what to say, just the most sincere thank you to everyone,” Jon said.

On shift that day: Cpt. Schweiger, Lt. Webb, Paramedics McIntosh and Rooks, FFs Hansen (not pictured), Mezzone, and Winship. Also pictured are Sarah with ICOM 911 and Linda from Camano Fire.

From left: Paramedic McIntosh, Paramedic Rooks, Linda, Sarah, Cpt. Schweiger, FF Mezzone, FF Winship, Lt. Webb. Front: Diane and Jon