Outdoor Burning FAQs

If you think lives or property are at risk, call 9-1-1

Who do I call to report fires that create a nuisance or illegal burning?
Call 9-1-1. The Island County Sheriff’s Office enforces all burning laws on Camano Island.

Do I need a burn permit?
Permits are REQUIRED for fires larger than 4 feet in diameter. Contact Island County to get a permit.

Who issues burn permits?
Island County issues burn permits. The fire department does not issue burn permits.

What can I burn?
You can only burn natural vegetation or firewood. Only burn when it is not windy (winds less than 7 mph).

You CANNOT burn garbage, use burn barrels, or create a nuisance. A nuisance is smoke, odor, or ash that unreasonably interferes with the use and enjoyment of neighboring properties.