Outdoor Burning Frequently Asked Questions

April 20, 2022

Spring is often the time when our friends and neighbors burn their burn piles before summer burn bans are issued. What should you know about outdoor burning on Camano Island?

I think someone is burning illegally or unsafely. Who do I call?

Call 911. The Island County Sheriff’s Office enforces burn restrictions and burn bans. Camano Fire does not regulate or enforce burning restrictions.

Who regulates outdoor burning?

Island County Environmental Health regulates outdoor burning. Camano Fire does not issue permits or enforce burning restrictions.

What is considered a recreational fire?

Any fire less than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet high. Recreational fires are made from charcoal or firewood and used for cooking or pleasure. Click here to learn more.

When do I need a burn permit?

You need a burn permit for any yard debris or land-clearing fire OR any residential fire larger than 4 feet in diameter. Call 360-678-8261 to learn more about written or verbal permits for fires larger than 4 feet in diameter. Click here for the Island County Burn Permit Application.

Who issues burn permits?

Island County Environmental Health issues burn permits for Camano Island.