Surplus fire engine helping local community

Aug. 5, 2021

Our surplus fire engine found a new home – with the Hat Island Fire Department. They couldn’t be more excited to get a surplused apparatus in such good shape.
“This one is so far superior in terms of what it’s going to provide for fire protection for our people,” said Mike Worthy, Chief of the all-volunteer Hat Island Fire Department. “We’re truly, genuinely in appreciation of Camano Island Fire and Rescue for their support of smaller districts like ours.”
The engine served us well for the past 23 years – first as a front line engine and then later for cadet training – and we’re happy to see it serve another community in our area.
The great condition of the 1998-era engine is a testament to the dedication and skill of our maintenance crews and our maintenance program. Our maintenance crews also fully serviced and pump-tested the engine before we sent it to its new home.