Administrative Assistant & Board Secretary Darla Tiner retires April 1

March 30, 2021

It’s no joke: On April 1, Darla Tiner, Camano Island Fire & Rescue’s longtime District Administrative Assistant and Fire Commissioner Board Secretary, will officially retire.

If you called the Camano Fire office, dropped by in-person, or attended a community event, you probably met Darla.

“Her friendly, open and approachable attitude made her the go-to person for our volunteers, our contract staff and community members who came into the office,” said Chief Levon Yengoyan. “If you needed something, Darla was the person you turned to.”

“As a new commissioner, Darla was my main source of information about the department, ” said Jan Treml, current Chair of the Camano Fire Board of Commissioners. “She has always been warm and helpful to me, and we’ll miss her extensive knowledge.”

During her 14 years with the department, Darla was considered the keeper of the events – from public events to recognition of individual employee accomplishments. She was the driving force behind the department’s annual open house each year, helping coordinate partner organizations and implement all the behind-the-scenes planning. Though she may not have been the one standing up giving the awards, none of it would have happened without her efforts.

“Tradition is important to us – and the reason we have some of the traditions we do is because of Darla,” Chief Yengoyan said. “Celebrations create traditions. She understood the importance of making those celebrations happen every year.”

Darla began her career with the department as an administrative assistant, eventually taking on ambulance billing duties and serving as the Board Secretary for the Board of Fire Commissioners.
During her 14 years with the department, Darla was also Secretary of the CIFR Board of Volunteer Fire Fighters (BVFF) and of the Department Scholarship Committee. Camano Island Fire & Rescue would like to thank her for her outstanding service to the Department and our community.