Payroll Administrator Kathy Pace retires March 31

March 24, 2021

Camano Island Fire & Rescue’s payroll administrator, Kathy Pace, officially retires on March 31, after more than 10 years with the department.

As Camano Fire transitioned from a small, all-volunteer team to a 70-plus member department, it was critical to have a payroll administrator who could keep up with the ever-changing nature of financial regulations, classifications and bargaining agreements.

“Kathy is a true professional in her field,” said Chief Levon Yengoyan. “Payroll may seem like a narrow focus, but it’s so important to the overall success of our organization. Without fail, she made sure our payroll functions always stayed up to date with the times.”

Camano Island Fire & Rescue would like to thank her for her outstanding service to the Department and our community.