Spring update from Camano Fire

March 25, 2024

Camano Fire is moving ahead with the commitments made to the community following the approval of the fire levy lid lift last November. Since then, the department has hired six new firefighters and one new paramedic. These new hires are a mix of experienced lateral hires, some part-time firefighters who have worked with us in the past, and some individuals entering the firefighting profession. Even though we have hired new full-time firefighters, we continue to recruit part-time firefighter EMTs to complement our operations

In a bid to bolster medical services, we plan to continue our relationships with local paramedic programs with the goal of recruiting graduating paramedics. We also plan to send one of our career firefighters to paramedic training beginning this summer. This will help us deliver quality medical care to residents and improve our daily paramedic staffing for advanced life support calls.

We have also modernized our administrative processes with the launch of a new online records request system. Residents can now conveniently access medical or public records through the department’s online portal at https://camanofire.nextrequest.com.

In other developments, the department has hired an architect with fire station design/build experience to assess the Mabana fire station. The assessment will provide a plan for remodeling or reconstructing the station to effectively accommodate full-time staffing.

For continuing updates on our department hiring, recommendations for the Mabana station, and other community information, we encourage you to follow Camano Fire on Facebook and YouTube and read our news updates online at www.camanofire.com